Welcome to the Preparedness Group! I hope the information posted here, you will find useful. Thank you for your time and enjoy!

Two songs that keep me motivated to be "self-reliant" and continue fighting for our freedoms are:

1. "Forever More" written by Tesla. The Chorus goes: "All that I believe is what I'm fighting for. And I will always be this way Forever More!  If I stand alone, I'll be here like a stone. Forever, Forever, Forever More!"

2. "I Have Work Enough to Do"  LDS Hymn, written by Josephine Pollard and William J. Kirkpatrick. The 1st verse goes:  "I have work enough to do, Ere the sun goes down, For myself and kindred too, Ere the sun goes down:  Every idle whisper stilling, With a purpose firm and willing, All my daily tasks fulfilling, Ere the sun goes down."


Request A Class!

* I am the new Stake Canning Specialist in the Tempe South Stake for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Do you want a class to be presented again that you missed? Do want a new class to be offered that you want to learn about? Then request a class by e-mailing me at johnjen at

Newsletters/ Fliers

* This is where you can find previous Newsletters and all of the class fliers from the Preparedness Group in this section. Go here for our Newsletters/ Fliers link.

Cooking Methods and Recipes

* This section incorporates all of the Cooking Methods and Recipes taught in the Preparedness Group. Look forward to learning new ways to process your food using Solar Cooking, Pressure Canning, Wet-pack Canning and Dutch Oven Cooking! Go here for the Cooking Methods Link. Learn how to make whole wheat bread from wheat kernel to loaf, learn how to cook with beans (legumes), learn how to make mozarella cheese from powdered milk and recipes using dried corn, to name only a few, from the Recipes Link.

Helpful Tips

* This section is a great resource! Learn about Food Storage Lies- Debunked that may be preventing you from getting started. Learn how to: Start your Family's food storage program and do a Family Inventory; Why it's better to store "Basic" Items verses "Ready-made" Items; Great Storage Ideas; What to do with Water Storage; What is in a 3-Month Supply and How to make 72-hr Kits! Learn creative Small Space Storage Solutions, a Pantry shelf storage idea, and more about the Can organizer in this section! Go here for our Helpful Tips link.

Monthly Focus

* This section breaks down Getting Prepared on a Monthly Basis and offers a new theme to focus your efforts on each month. All of the documents are sent out by the Emergency Preparedness Specialist from the Tempe South Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and they are posted here. Go here for the Monthly Focus Link.

I'm often referred to as “Chicken Little” among my friends and associates. My goal in starting up this Preparedness group is to “warn others” and to help people prepare for harder times by becoming more “self-reliant.”  So the logo for the "Preparedness" Group has "the prophets" on Chicken Little's right side guiding him along the way and "food storage" on his left side which is what our prophets have counseled us to store.



Preparedness Group Events (2014):

* Bread Making Class, 6:30-8:30pm, Awhatukee 1st Ward LDS Church (4525 East Knox Road Phoenix, AZ 85003) Please contact us at johnjen at to request an additional class class.

Please RSVP if you plan on attending any Preparedness Group events by e-mail at johnjen at Thank you!

Mesa Home Storage Center Classes (2014):

* No classes available at this time. Teacher retired...TBD?

NOTE: All Mesa Home Storage Center classes are held from 9:30-11am in the Wet Pack Training room at 235 El Dorado Circle, Mesa, AZ 85202.

Mesa Home Storage Center Hours (2014):

Bulk product and pre-packaged items can be purchased during the cannery hours below:

* Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-2pm

NOTE: Mesa Home Storage Center is closed Sunday and Mondays!

* Family Canning at the Mesa Home Storage Center: Call to make a reservation at (480) 214-9114.

* Patrons cannot bring food into the home storage center for canning but must purchase the food items there when they come in for canning. Children may come to help if they are well behaved and supervised. They do not have child care facilities. No one under 16 may operate equipment. Patrons should not wear jewelry (except rings) and should wear closed-toed shoes.

NOTE: Bulk items and prepackaged items can be picked up at any time when the Mesa Home Storage Center is open- 10am-2pm, Tuesday-Saturday. Patrons can pay by credit card or check.

Honeyville Classes (2014):

* All Honeyville classes held at the Chandler, AZ store are posted here:

Honeyville Store is located at 33 South 56th Street Suite 1, Chandler, AZ 85226 (SE corner of 56th St. and Chandler Blvd. behind the Harley Davidson shop. Call to sign up for classes at 480-785-5210).


Email: johnjen at