When I was planning for our family's year supply, I started looking at what the Mesa Cannery provided for "basic" food items. Then I sat down with some recipes that our family uses all the time and I decided how I could incorporate these "basic" food items into our meals. I asked questions like:

* What extra items would I need to store to supplement a basic supply? This items might included spices, canned tomatoes, freeze dried foods (carrots, potatoes, celery, etc.).

* What items could my family not live without? I decided to store powdered eggs, cocoa powder, yeast for bread making, shortening for baking, cinnamon, vanilla, freeze dried fruits to add to cereal, etc.

* To see a complete list of items you "could" store to supplement your "basic" year supply of food go here. This is the food inventory spreadsheet which shows you what additional baking items, fruit, vegetables, meat, etc., that you can store to supplement your "basic" year supply.


We need to think about other non-food items your family would need for a 3-month supply as well. We would all be more uncomfortable without our favorite tooth paste, deodorant, medicines, toliet paper, cleaning supplies, etc.

* Start tracking the non-food items your family uses by saving receipts. I was able to determine what sanitary items we use and how often by tracking these items on receipts. You can also write the date on a bottle of shampoo, for instance, when you open it to determine how long it lasts. Then mutiply how long each item lasts by the number of months you are storing for. This is a great way to determine how many items you need to store for your 3-month and eventually your year supply. Don't forget to start saving items for your clothing/fuel, 72-hr kits, home production and first aid categories as well!

* Go here for a document I shared with the class on: Ideas for starting your 3-month supply!

* Go here for a document I shared with the class on: Advantages of having a 3-month supply.



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