New s10sh Maintenance Page

Welcome to the new s10sh maintenance page. I have been the FreeBSD port maintainer for this application for several years now. People have recently been bombarding me with patches adding probe-support for different models of Canon digicams.

I have repeatedly tried to contact the original author of s10sh, Salvatore Sanfilippo but had no success.

So, since he had accepted patches from me before (for version 0.2.0) I have decided to unofficially maintain the software. If Salvatore comes out of hiding and wants to maintain it, I will gladly relinquish control. :)

His original page for s10sh is still up at:

This page is just serving as a quick explaination as to what's going on and a link to the latest source code.

Last modified: Sat Sep 13 08:07:57 MST 2003